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Over the last 10 years the average gas bill has risen 11.24% each year (OFGEM) a trend is highly likely to continue. This means big monthly heating and hot water bills, so if there are ways to reduce fuel consumption now and into the future - why wouldn't you?

Individuals and companies are trying to ‘Go Green’, reduce our CO2 emissions and be more ‘eco - friendly’. The Nations ‘GO GREEN’ Campaign is aimed at introducing NEW HIGH TECH ways that will really help you REDUCE your fuel consumption, REDUCE your heating bills NOW and into the FUTURE and Reduce CO2 emissions. This can SAVE you thousands of pounds, INCREASE the value of your property and INCREASE comfort levels.

Our Service

Our company specialises in sourcing QUALITY RENEWABLES and ENERGY OPTIMISING PRODUCTS to help all our customers SAVE MONEY, Reduce CO2 emissions and increase the value of properties (both domestic and commercial).

We work in partnership with manufacturers of environmentally friendly, British manufactured, energy efficiency products. Our flagship product has been featured on TV’s, GRAND DESIGNS programme the ‘Magic Thermodynamic Box’ it works day and night, 365 days a year, providing ALL your hot water. Our Central Heating Management System is currently being installed into thousands of homes to REDUCE energy bills, increase the efficiency, responsiveness and comfort of existing conventional central heating systems. canadian pharmacy 24-7 about