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Solar Assisted Heat Pump

100% of your hot water generated with huge savings on your fuel bill*

We were the first company on the market with a viable production model that was able to be retro-fitted to any existing cylinder and heat water to 55°C.

With our ongoing knowledge we continue to develop our products with help from our own in house technical team, our British manufacturer and all the feedback we receive from you, our customer, allowing us to continue to improve on the high standard, high efficiency components that make our Magic Thermodynamic Boxes such great products.

* Fuel savings of up to 80% can be achieved if the system is used in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. The compressor will cost from £61 per year in electricity to operate, depending on product model and household occupancy. This cost is taken into account in savings calculations

How it works…

  • The aluminium panel facilitates the evaporation of the refrigerant liquid as energy is absorbed from the surrounding air.
  • This process transforms the refrigerant liquid into a gas, which carries the collected energy, in the form of heat, to the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box.
  • The Solar Assisted Heat Pump compresses the gas, further increasing the heat of the refrigerant simultaneously, a water pump pulls cold water from the cylinder into the SAHP.
  • The heat energy from the refrigerant is transferred to the circulating water via the heat exchanger.
  • This process cylces until the water wuthin the cylinder reaches 55°c.
  • Once this is achieved the system goes into standby mode.